Adoption Process and Policies

As responsible members of NO Borders Animal Rescue Society (NOBARS) is to our goal to successfully adopt our rescued dogs and puppies to forever families. Our responsibility is to ensure that the animal you wish to adopt is well suited for you, your home, and lifestyle. We always look for the best possible conditions for each animal. Do note that the animals in our care have uncertain and often unknown pasts. We endeavour to do our best at age/breed/size, however we can never be certain.

Adoption fees helps NOBARS cover costs for care and medical attention of your new adoptive animal. All adoption fees are non-refundable.  Adoption fees are $400 for dogs over 1 year and $450 for dogs under one year of age. 

Step 1:

First, complete our online adoption application form, found under the adoption tab.  Or click the link here: Adoption Form.  If you have difficulty with the online form please contact and we will email a copy of the form to you.

Step 2:

Second, an adoption coordinator will review the application and contact the family as quickly as possible to discuss your application and conduct a telephone interview. Note that we do have the right to decline your application for any reason we feel will not match with the needs of our animals.

Step 3:

Third, once your application is approved we will put the prospective family in touch with the animals foster family to arrange a meeting.

Step 4:

Fourth, in every case we will require a home visit.. Please be prepared to have a NOBARS volunteer visit your home.

Step 5:

Fifth, after having met the animal we will assess the situation; how the dog reacts to you and how you react to the dog. We do encourage that you take a day to think about it. We will discuss the adoption openly and fully with all members of the family. This ensures that the dog matches with your family. We will always adopt to the most suitable family.

Step 6:

Sixth and final, and if all parties are in favor of the adoption your new family member will be delivered to you.Please be prepared for your new furry friend by purchasing food, bed, toys, and bowls before he/she comes home.

 On the fence about adopting?  We have the perfect solution for you.  Consider our Foster to Adopt Program.  You fill out the required application and we pair you with a dog of your choosing.  You will foster the dog to help you evaluate if adding a dog to your family is the right thing for you at this time.

   The dog will live with you and we will assist with getting everyone comfortable.  This one on one experience really helps with the decision making process.  Families ask these questions of their family.  Are my kids ready?  Do we have the time?  Are we ready for the time commitment?  Are their allergies that we might not be aware of?  Will a dog fit well into our lifestyles?  Have a read of the quick Q & A  below


What is “foster-to-adopt”?
For any dog that’s listed as needing a foster on our facebook page , we’ll provide a 3-day priority period where you are first in line to adopt.

What dogs are eligible?
Dogs on our Facebook Page that have a “Foster Needed” label or no label at the bottom of their profile.

Why can’t I do this for any dog?
If a dog already has a foster home, we don’t want to move them around, perhaps repeatedly and unnecessarily, when stability is something they’re looking for after arriving from the shelter.   However our program for approved  foster to adopters allows for sleepovers with a few days to decided if this is a perfect match.

What are the benefits?
If there’s a dog that’s really sparked your interest, you don’t have to worry about what order your application will be submitted–you’re first in line. For our most popular pups, there can be stiff competition! The benefit for NOBARS and the dogs we save is that you’d be helping us house a pup in need.

What happens after 3 days?
If there are other adoption applications for the dog, we’ll ask that you make a decision about whether you want to move forward with adopting. If the answer is “yes,” then you’ll just need to make a donation in the amount of the adoption fee and you’ll officially have a new family member.

What if the dog isn’t right for me?
That’s okay! We do count on our “foster to adopt” families to provide a short term home for our rescue dogs even if they decide not to adopt. After your foster dog gets adopted, we’re happy to keep working with you to find the right pup.

Where is the dog now that is marked “foster needed”?
If the dog is marked foster needed, it means that the pup is with our wonderful network of fosters in Mexico.  We are just waiting for a foster home or foster to adopt home with a flight to Calgary or Vancouver.

How do I sign up?
You’ll want to fill out and submit an online adoption form specifying in your application which dog(s) you’re interested in.  Please let us know you’re interesting in “foster to adopt.” on the application.