Why Mexico

No Borders Animal Rescue Society (NOBARS) is a a non-profit dog rescue and adoption society registered in Western Canada. We help save dogs facing life-threatening circumstances and uncertain futures in Canada, and Mexico.

In Mexico, dogs are rescued from uncertain futures, having suffered from neglect, abuse, starvation and illness. They are placed in loving foster homes by wonderful volunteers in Puerto Vallarta, fully vetted, vaccinated, sterilized, and brought back to good health.

We select friendly, adoptable dogs from these locations, provide voluntary quarantine in local foster homes where dogs are rehabilitated emotionally, while being given any medical care authorized by the veterinarian. Fosterer’s are invaluable; offering loving homes that assist with the long process from the time of actual rescue to adoption.

Fosterer’s in Both Canada and Mexico, know a pet for adoption very well and pass on this valuable information about an individual pet’s personality, temperament, level of socialization, housetraining, and basic training.

Once they are completely healthy, these lucky dogs are then placed for adoption on our website and multiple networking websites. Some NOBARS dogs are adopted locally in Mexico, but most are adopted into Canada.

All NOBARS dogs are sterilized, temperament tested, socialized by fosters, given all mandatory vaccinations, and prior to being transported are given an additional examination by a Veterinarian and certificate of health within 24 hours of their transport to Canada from Mexico.

In many cases Animal Rescue Organizations like NOBARS, are the only hope these dogs have. We do not discriminate by age, size, breed, location, temperament, etc. We are here to help ALL dogs!

Why Mexico?    …..    As our name states we are

NO Borders Animal Rescue Society (NOBARS).