Reasons to help


Reasons Why You Should Get Involved

one You increase that dog’s chance of being adopted.

By fostering , You are a link between her and potential homes. You can spread the word about what a good dog she/he is, how she/he loves people and how she/he walks nicely on a leash. By living with you, the foster dog has the chance to learn behavior that will make her/he more appealing to other families. If you foster a dog, you have the ability to transform that barking, out of control mutt at the shelter to a dog someone would be honored to live with.

two Your own dog will learn more social skills.

If you have your own dogs it increases you animals socialization as well. It’s still important for him to be around a variety of dogs. . Having a foster dog around will help build your dogs self confidence. Dogs also have to learn to share the water dish, toys, yard and dog bed.

three It’s a good way to see if you are ready for an additional dog.

It’s not always clear whether a second or third dog would fit in with your family. Sometimes an additional dog is a disaster. Other times it couldn’t be better. With fostering, you have a chance to see whether or not another dog is right for your family. Or maybe providing temporary foster care is a better fit for you.

four You help the rescue learn about the dog’s personality.

With our own dogs, they learn about their unique personality and behavioral issues. It’s hard to know much about a dog when she is living in a shelter environment with other dogs. Placing dogs in foster homes help rescues learn if the dogs like children, beg at the table, chase cats, bark when crated, know basic commands or have high or low energy. The possibilities of what a foster family will learn about a dog and teach the dog are unlimited.

five You are saving a dog’s life.

Many Foster and Shelters are full to their limits and cannot take in more dogs until additional foster homes open up. When you foster you save the life of that dog…..additionally, you save the life of another dog that takes that place.

six Many animal shelters can’t function without foster homes.

NOBARS relies entirely on foster homes because it does not have a shelter. We take the dog from a shelter situation to a foster home prior to adoption. If it weren’t for all the generous foster families, this program would not be functioning.

seven You might end up with a new family member.

Many foster families realize the dog they are fostering is a perfect fit for their family. This is a happy ending for both the dog and humans. If you don’t foster a dog, then you will never know what you are missing. You might never meet that special dog that could add to your life. We call this “Foster Failure”. It is amazing how many people actually adopt their foster.

eight The dog gets to live with your family rather than at a shelter.

Dogs get stressed from shelter conditions. Shelters are noisy with limited one-on-one interaction. The dogs don’t get enough exercise, training or socialization. With time, many dogs develop psychological issues as pent-up energy, frustration, aggression or boredom builds. Fostering socializes that dog and prepares that dog for their new family.

nine Any volunteering makes a person feel good.

Fostering a dog is a way to give back to your community. If you love animals, there is nothing more rewarding than helping a homeless dog. You will be amazed how wonderful volunteering feels. There is no better feeling of a successful adoption.

tenIt’s a way to help without spending money.

If you don’t have the money to donate to NOBARS, you can donate your time by fostering.

We say:
“Adopt — If you Can’t Adopt, Foster — If you Can’t Foster, Volunteer — If you Can’t Volunteer, Donate”
There is always something you can do. Our Foster families average less than 2 weeks with the Foster Dog. But is the best 2 week period for that dog.